perennial, annual

Datura wrightii | Sacred Datura, Jimson Weed

First, a word of caution: All plant parts are poisonous. Avoid planting if children frequent planting areas. This is a rough, rank-smelling plant with large, coarse leaves and stunning, fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom at night, at home in a moonlight garden. Commonly volunteers in disturbed areas. Plant from seed in late winter to early spring to avoid frost. Can be a short-lived perennial in mild-winter regions. Canopy coverage: 28 square feet.

Water Requirement: moderate

Sun Exposure: partial shade, full sun

Growth Rate: fast

Height: 4 feet high

Width: 6 feet wide

Foliage Color: gray-green, blue-green

Flower Color: white

Flower Season: summer, fall